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Welcome to Brenda’s Belly Dancing: home of Troupe Sabba Zimora, performers and students of the Arabic dance style Westerners refer to as belly dance (also known as raqs sharki, danse orientale, Middle Eastern dance). Sabba Zimora is a combination of Arabic and Hebrew meaning “eastern wind song of praise,” appropriate for a group who studies Middle Eastern movement, raises each other’s spirits and promotes healthy living and a positive attitude toward one’s self.

Learn from our online classes, restore your body with Gravity Yoga & meditation, and strengthen your body with Pilates mat fitness.

Our Classes

The studio runs weekly classes, where all levels are welcome. But if you’re a total beginner then we offer basic classes to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your body.

Join us for the next series of classes!

  1. Register online by clicking the chosen class’ “Register” button below.
  2. Join the Zoom meeting at the scheduled days & times (with the same name you registered with):
    • select the Course Name below, this connects to the event page
    • click on “see more” in Details
    • scroll down to the Zoom Meeting invite -> click the meeting link to join (the password is also listed in case you are asked for it)
    • turn on your camera
    • wait for the host to let you in from the waiting room
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Our Director

Aiyana Opus has been teaching belly dance since 2002. She gained certification in Spencer Pilates Mat fitness in 2003, Gravity Yoga in 2020, and Level 1 Meditation Teacher training in 2022.

Brenda’s Belly Dancing & Fitness

Founded in 2002 in Michigan. Locations are now remote, but currently include physical service areas in the Midwest: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin.

Remote classes available online world wide.

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Text: (614) 407-5336

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